The Story of Barcha

Since we were little, we have been immersed in a French-Tunisian culture that influenced all parts of our lives.

Whether in our language (three words in French, three in Arabic in the same sentence), in our food (harissa in the pastas), or in our clothing style, this legacy is a reflection of what we wanted to create with Barcha: an ideal for fashion lovers proud of their cultural and religious identity.

From Auntie Souad’s oral printed veils and the pop 90’s look of the Spice Girls, our models in terms of style were frankly opposed. Barcha was born from this mixture of inspirations that has matured with time.

Progressively, the Iranian fashionistas street styles from the Tehran Times and women’s magazines became our primary sources to create and reinvent a modest fashion accessible to all.

Barcha is the final fulfilment of a long-lasting dream: offering to veiled women a fashion that simply combines modernity , femininity and modesty.

Barcha lovers reviews:

We asked a few customers to share their experience with our brand…

The Barchambitions

“The Barcha girl is proud of her values and her identity, she walks with her head held high, her look full of confidence and feminity.”

The Barchamammas


Original creations and an obsession for the perfect cut adapted to each morphology.


Redefining modest fashion codes according to a subtle balance between style, modesty and modernity.


A simple, quick and user-friendly shopping experience adapted to all budgets.


Personalized and free fashion advice from the Barchamammas to help you find the cuts and designs adapted to your taste and shape.