The Barchambitions

“The Barcha girl is proud of her values and her identity, she walks with her head held high, her look full of confidence and feminity.”

The Barchamammas


We aim to help the “forgotten girls”, who are all these Muslim, Jewish, Christian women; or the ones who undergo chemotherapy or suffer from alopecia, who must or want to cover their heads. And struggle to find decent and high quality products.


Break away from fast fashion circuits while addressing the greatest number of people. Our products are quality, timeless and ethical.

Made here in Ile-de-France and in our workshop in Tunis, we select our fabrics with great care. Some of our raw materials come from fabric scraps from major fashion houses that have not been used. This allows us to be eco-friendly while using very high quality materials.


Our brand is above all feminist and advocates sisterhood and inclusiveness.

We want to break the image of the woman covering her head out of obligation. For us, covering your hair is an assumed and committed choice, as much as wearing a mini-skirt when the controversies over street harassment and the MeToo movement are at their peak.

Wearing a scarf or turban is above all an individual freedom.


Fashion advice provided free of charge by the Barchamammas to help you find the cuts and designs suited to your tastes, your lifestyle and your requirements!